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About us

The "Engineering Corps" is a non-governmental organization that brings together engineers from various disciplines to work on technical challenges for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The internal needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine extend far beyond providing weapons, equipment, medications, and food. The Ukrainian Armed Forces require specialized technical assistance, and that's where we come in. 

Our activities include:

  • Inventing, testing, and manufacturing effective reconnaissance, combat drones, and related equipment.

  • Upgrading technical equipment.

  • Upgrading military vehicles of various types.

  • Retrofitting specialized equipment and communication systems to modern standards.

  • Integrating devices from all over the world that are sent to the frontlines.

  • Improving internal communication management.

  • Creating uninterrupted power supply systems.

  • Working on project documentation and coordinating it with military command.

Most of our work involves Research & Development (R&D), prototyping, experimental manufacturing, and testing. The operational support we provide to teams and units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces goes beyond the scope of funding from grants. We cover these activities using our resources and support from caring individuals and organizations.


We work directly with requests from military units, ranging from Central Command Units (CCU), Combat Vehicle Units (CVU), Division of Aerial Surveillance (DAS), Naval Guards Units (NGU), Anti-aircraft Missile System Units (PPO), Special Operations Forces (SSO), and the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), to individual servicemember requests and volunteers.

Our experience includes:

  • Collaborating with all armored vehicle factories in Ukraine.

  • Installing communication equipment on our military vehicles.

  • Fulfilling hundreds of requests from Ukrainian servicemembers.

Additionally, we act as intermediaries in implementing these requests. If a needed military project has already been initiated, we collaborate with manufacturers to further develop and scale the solutions. Our main goal is to efficiently and effectively address the needs of the 

Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Co-founders and members of the "Engineering Corps" team have worked together for over a decade. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014, our team was focused on smart homes and related projects.

With the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine, some team members volunteered for the frontlines. Those who stayed began assisting with supply efforts, particularly in communication equipment of all types and assembling radio detonators, drones, and copters.

As the number of military requests for various devices increased, we started focusing on assisting the military, which soon became our main area of expertise. Our experience in supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces extends throughout the entirety of Russia's modern war against Ukraine, allowing us to thoroughly understand the needs and specific requirements of the Ukrainian military.

Our efforts have already successfully realized nearly 300 commercial and non-commercial projects. Some of the military equipment that has been modernized according to our projects is now in serial production in Ukraine. However, our capabilities and potential go far beyond, and every day, we prove this in our workshops.