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Friends, we are united by one goal and a common cause: to help. Today, both the military and the developers and volunteers who firmly hold the rear of the support of the Armed Forces need help.

Years of experience in military projects enable us to meticulously select the most relevant and valuable products for the Ukrainian military, successfully bringing them to fruition.

If you are a military personnel or working on your own technological project for the Ukrainian military, we can assist you with technical and military expertise, as well as materials and spare parts. Our competencies:

  • Communication and networking systems;

  • Power supply;

  • Mechanical equipment;

  • Robotic devices;

  • Other areas.

However, you can reach out to us with any technical inquiry. If we are unable to assist you ourselves, we will try to find suitable experts and/or manufacturers. Application Process:

As a representative of a specific military unit, you complete a request form. You specify the primary requirements and preferences for the future product. Additionally, you provide your contact information for follow-up communication.

Upon receiving the request, we pass it on to a group of our engineers for analysis and processing. They refine the technical specifications and forward them to the designated executor.

If we don't have a suitable executor within our network, we actively seek willing individuals to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces using our own contacts. Throughout this process, we oversee the development from the application stage to the final product phase.