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IC-800R1 Bavovnyatko

Reconnaissance-Strike Drone

IC-800R1 Bavovnyatko — Mobile Reconnaissance-Strike Drone with Ammunition Drop System.

Product Advantages:

  • Easy folding and unfolding - the drone is conveniently portable in a backpack.

  • An additional option to install pseudorandom frequency rearrangement for protection against enemy electronic warfare.

  • Capable of carrying any type of explosive up to 2 kg, including cassettes or RPGs.

The explosive mass the drone can carry is sufficient to destroy even a tank. The result depends on the chosen type of ammunition.

Technical Specifications:

  • Payload: 2 kg.

  • Estimated flight time: 52 minutes with the camera and 30 minutes with an additional weight of 2 kg.

  • Maximum altitude: 1 km.

  • Control range: 5 km in mixed terrain and 10 km in line of sight.

  • Frame: 600 mm, detachable arms. Materials: carbon, fiberglass, aluminum, plastic.

  • Battery: 8S6P 18650 21000mah.

  • Operating modes: mission-based / manual control / FPV (First Person View).

  • Control transmission channel: pseudorandom frequency rearrangement telemetry.