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Sapper drone

Humanitarian Demining Drone

The "Sapper" drone is a ground wheeled drone with remote control designed to detect and mark areas with planted landmines. It's especially valuable for sapper units, expediting their work.

Product Advantages:

  • Possesses partial autonomy and can survey a designated area along a predefined route.

  • Marks found potential mines on an electronic map and transmits their coordinates to the operator. Also physically marks mine locations with bright paint on the ground.

  • Easy to transport and assemble on-site.

  • When equipped with RF countermeasures, it constantly changes communication frequencies, making it difficult for enemy forces to detect.

  • Best suited for humanitarian demining.

Technical Specifications:

🕹️ Quad Bike Base:

  • Speed: 20-30 km/h;

  • Single engine with 1 kW power (in the base model);

  • Battery capacity: 2-8 kWh;

  • Autonomous operation time: 3-12 hours;

  • Payload: 100 kg;

  • Gross weight: 40 kg.

📡 Communication:

  • Humanitarian demining: 2.4/5.8 GHz/LTE;

  • Range depends on LTE coverage;

  • Military use: 176/433/1300 MHz Tactical LTE and secure RF countermeasures channel;

  • Control range: 2+ km.

📷 Equipment:

  • Camera with 3x zoom and 10x optical zoom;

  • Search probe: 2000x500 mm.