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The "TOR" turret

Engagement of UAVs and light-armored vehicles

The "TOR" turret is a mechanical installation for mounting and employing heavy-caliber machine guns in combat conditions. It is actively used by mobile anti-aircraft fire teams for destroying airborne targets, including so-called "quadcopters." It is also effective for neutralizing enemy personnel and light-armored vehicles on the ground.

Can be equipped with machine guns:

  • DShK (12.7 mm);

  • NSV "Utyos" (12.7 mm);

  • Browning M2 (12.7 mm);

  • PKM (7.62 mm);

  • KPVТ (14.5 mm).

Product Advantages:

  • Enables almost vertical targeting of the machine gun.

  • Rotates in a full 360° circle.

  • Has a secure attachment to a pickup truck.

As a result, our military personnel can engage enemy targets with shots both in the air and on the ground, increasing the effectiveness of hits.

Technical Specifications:

  • Elevation/Depression Angle of the Combat Module relative to the horizon: -10/+85°.

  • Combat Module Rotation Angle: 360°.

  • Weight (excluding machine gun and ammunition): 50 kg.

  • Lifting mechanism: "winch" for adjusting the height of the combat module depending on the operator's height.

  • Lifting Height: +600 mm.